About Southern Jewish History

Southern Jewish History is the annual peer-reviewed journal of the Southern Jewish Historical Society. It has been published regularly each fall since 1998. The journal is a benefit of membership in the Society and also by prepaid order.

The editor of Southern Jewish History is seeking scholarly articles for consideration for  publication. To discuss a potential article relating to the southern Jewish experience, contact the editor, Mark K. Bauman, at markkbauman@aol.com; (678) 428-3622 .  Click here for submission information and author guidelines.

The journal is also seeking book, exhibit, and website reviewers and contributors to the primary source section. 

For general information about the journal, contact the managing editor, Bryan E. Stone at journal@jewishsouth.org.

Mark K. Bauman, Editor
Rachel Heimovics Braun, Managing Editor
Bryan Edward Stone, Associate Editor
Scott Langston, Primary Sources Section Editor; s.langston@tcu.edu
Jeremy Katz, Exhibit Review Editor; jrkatz@thebreman.org
Adam Mendelsohn, Website Review Editor; mendelsohna@cofc.edu
Stephen J. Whitfield, Book Review Editor; swhitfie@brandeis.edu
Mark Bauman; markkbauman@aol.com
Rachel Heimovics Braun; rheimovics@cfl.rr.com
Bryan Stone; bstone@delmar.edu

Southern Jewish History acknowledges with deep appreciation grants from the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, New York, and
the Gale Foundation, Beaumont, Texas.