Upcoming Conference

Jews in the Southern Hinterland

41st annual conference of the Southern Jewish Historical Society

November 4- 6, 2016

Natchez, Mississippi

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Jews in the Southern Hinterland

41st Annual Southern Jewish Historical Society Conference

November 4th-6th, 2016


Friday, November 4th 2016: Vicksburg, Port Gibson,  Natchez

9:00- 10:00 am    Morning bus ride from Jackson to Vicksburg 

10:30-11:30 pm   Visit Anshe Chesed and Cemetery

12:00-1:00 pm     Lunch at B’nai B’rith Club

1:00pm                Second bus from the Jackson airport departs

1:15-1:45pm        Drive from Vicksburg to Port Gibson
                                On Bus lecture

1:45-2:15pm        Visit Temple Gemiluth Chassed in Port Gibson

2:15-3:15pm        Port Gibson to Natchez

3:15-4:30 pm       Welcome to Natchez at Temple B’nai Israel.
                                Teri Tillman - “B’nai Israel and Natchez Jewish History”

                                Jennifer Stollman

4:30-5:30pm        Check in at Hotel

5:30-6:45 pm       Dinner at Rolling River Bistro

7:00-8:30pm        Shabbat Services at Temple B’nai Israel led by

                                ISJL Rabbi Jeremy Simons,

                                Keynote by Robin Amer, “Growing up with the last Jews of Natchez”


Saturday , November 5th 2016:

9:00-10:15 am     Standing on Ceremony: Jews & Gentiles in the South

                                Sam Gruber,  “Jews, Masons, and Cornerstone Laying Ceremonies for Synagogues in the                                                                   South”   

                                Kay Goldman, “The Grandest Masquerade of the Season: Purim and Other Social Occasions as

                                Opportunities for Jews and Non-Jews to Intermingle in Nineteenth Century Texas”


10:30-12:00pm    Acts of God: Responding to Epidemics & Disasters in Southern Jewish Communities

                                Anton Hieke, “Revisiting Yellow Fever in Southern Jewish Communities”

                                Michael Cohen, “Lost in the Flood: The Story of Washing away of Jewish life in Bayou Sara,


                                Marlene Trestman, “Jewish Orphans of the Southern Hinterland: The Geographic and Social Journeys of

                                the Children Who Lived in New Orleans’s Jewish Orphans Home, 1856-1946”

12:30-1:30pm      Lunch at Carriage Hall
                                Luncheon Speaker: Steve Whitfield, “Jews against the Ku Klux Klan” Introduction by Macy B. Hart.


1:45-3:00pm        Panel Discussion: Family History & Jews in the South

                                Stuart Rockoff, Moderator

                                Sally Wolff King, “The Wolff Family: Two Generations of Jewish Life in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas”

                                Clara Silverstein, “Bertha and Benjamin: A Love Story”

                                Sarah Dorpinghaus: “Sharecropping Tobacco in Kentucky: A Narrative of ‘Jewgrass’ Identity”


3:00-3:45pm        General Membership Meeting


3:45-6:00pm        Guided Natchez Outing Options

                                Jewish Natchez Tour with Mimi Miller and Terri Tillman including the Natchez Jewish                                                                       Cemetery, Under the Bluff, and homes of former Jewish merchants.

                                William Johnson House

                                Grady Photography Collection at First Presbyterian Church

                                Longwood Home tour
                                Melrose Plantation

6:00pm                  Dinner on your own


Sunday,  November 6th 2016:

9:00-10:15am    Southern Synagogues & the Gentile World (Chair: Ellen Umansky)

                                Shari Rabin, “Judge, Jury, Jews: Southern Synagogues in Postbellum Courts”

                               Joshua J. Furman, “The Door is Always Open to Men and Women of Goodwill: Celebrating Brotherhood Week in the Bible Belt,                                    1945-1975”


10:30-11:30 am   Diaries and Memoirs from the Jewish South

                          Panel discussion moderated by Dale Rosengarten and Adam Meyer

Panelists:          Marcus D. Rosenbaum,  Heart of a Wife: The Diary of a Southern Jewish Woman

                        Henry M. Seiden, Grandpa White's Diary: A Jewish Immigrant in 19th-Century America

                        Bryan E. Stone, Memories of Two Generations: A Yiddish Life in Russia and Texas


12:30pm                Buses depart