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2020 - Volume 23
"Southern Jews, Woman Suffrage," by Leonard Rogoff $7.00
"New Jewish Women: Shaping the Future of a 'New South' in the Palmetto State," by Diane C. Vecchio $7.00
"Two Commemorations: Richmond Jews and the Lost Cause during the Civil Rights Era," by David Weinfeld $7.00
"Moshe Cahana, Ethical Zionism, and the Application of Jewish Nationalism to Civil Rights Struggles in the American South," by Timothy R. Riggio Quevillon $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: Resources for Southern Jewish Research: A Family History Perspective," by Karen S. Franklin and Anton Hieke $7.00
Full Volume, v. 23 (2020) $20.00
2019 - Volume 22
“Free From Proscription and Prejudice”: Politics and Race in the Election of One Jewish Mayor in Late Reconstruction Louisiana," by Jacob Morrow-Spitzer $7.00
"Rabbi Edward L. Israel: The Making of a Progressive Interracialist, 1923–1941," by Charles L. Chavis, Jr. $7.00
"A Call to Service: Rabbis Jacob M. Rothschild, Alexander D. Goode, Sidney M. Lefkowitz, and Roland B. Gittelsohn and World War II," by Edward S. Shapiro $7.00
"Hyman Judah Schachtel, Congregation Beth Israel, and the American Council for Judaism," by Kyle Stanton $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: "A Foot Soldier in the Civil Rights Movement:Lynn Goldsmith with SCLC–SCOPE, Summer 1965," by Miyuki Kita $7.00
Full Volume, v. 22 (2019) $15.00