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2019 - Volume 22
“Free From Proscription and Prejudice”: Politics and Race in the Election of One Jewish Mayor in Late Reconstruction Louisiana," by Jacob Morrow-Spitzer $7.00
"Rabbi Edward L. Israel: The Making of a Progressive Interracialist, 1923–1941," by Charles L. Chavis, Jr. $7.00
"A Call to Service: Rabbis Jacob M. Rothschild, Alexander D. Goode, Sidney M. Lefkowitz, and Roland B. Gittelsohn and World War II," by Edward S. Shapiro $7.00
"Hyman Judah Schachtel, Congregation Beth Israel, and the American Council for Judaism," by Kyle Stanton $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: "A Foot Soldier in the Civil Rights Movement:Lynn Goldsmith with SCLC–SCOPE, Summer 1965," by Miyuki Kita $7.00
2018 - Volume 21
"The Atlanta Federal Penitentiary and Area Jews: A Social Service Case Study," by Mark K. Bauman and Leah Burnham $7.00
"Insiders or Outsiders: Charlottesville’s Jews, White Supremacy, and Antisemitism," by Phyllis K. Leffler $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: "The Galveston Diaspora: A Statistical View of Jewish Immigration Through Texas, 1907–1913," by Bryan Edward Stone $7.00
2017 - Volume 20
"The Achievement of Mark K. Bauman," by Stephen J. Whitfield $7.00
"Four German Jewish Families and the Built Environment of Huntsville, Alabama, 1852–2017," by Leonard Rogoff with Margaret Anne Goldsmith $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: "Monuments and Memory: Fort Worth’s World War I 'Tribute to Our Boys,'" by Hollace Ava Weiner and Lynna Kay Shuffield $7.00
2016 - Volume 19
"In the Board We Trust: Jewish Communal Arbitration Cases in Antebellum Charleston, South Carolina," by Barry L. Stiefel $7.00
"Nameless Graves: The Touro Infirmary Cemetery in New Orleans, 1888–1908," by Florence M. Jumonville $7.00
"'NCJW Joins the War on Poverty': The National Council of Jewish Women and the Quest for Opportunity in 1960s Atlanta," by Emily Alice Katz $7.00
"Esther Kahn Taylor: Hadassah Lady Turned Birth Control Advocate," by Ellen G. Rafshoon $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: "Both Sides of the Same Coin: Two Atlantans in Israel’s War of Independence," by Jeremy Katz $7.00
2015 - Volume 18
"Being Jewish in Columbus, Georgia: The Business, Politics, and Religion of Jacob and Isaac Moses, 1828–1890," by Scott M. Langston $7.00
"The Legal, Political, and Religious Legacy of an Extended Jewish Family," by Joel William Friedman $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: "Louisiana Letters, 1855–1871: The Story of an Immigrant Jewish Family," by Jay Silverberg $7.00
2014 - Volume 17
“Marx Cohen and Clear Springs Plantation,” by Seth R. Clare $7.00
“Rabbi Maurice Mayer: German Revolutionary, Charleston Reformer, and Anti-Abolitionist,” by Anton Hieke $7.00
“A Certain Ambivalence: Florida’s Jews and the Civil War,” by Daniel R. Weinfeld $7.00
“An Interview with Bernard Wax,” by Adam Mendelsohn $7.00
“Postscript: Reminiscences and Observations,” by Bernard Wax $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: “In Southern States: Historical Texts from the Arbeter Ring’s Southern District (English Translation from Yiddish),” by Josh Parshall $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: “Two Civil Rights Testimonies,” by Edward K. Kaplan $7.00
2013 - Volume 16
“A Tale of Two Cities’ Jewish Architects: Emile Weil of New Orleans and B. Marcus Priteca of Seattle,” by Eugene Normand $7.00
“Edward Loewenstein’s Midcentury Architectural Innovation in North Carolina,” by Patrick Lee Lucas $7.00
“The Arrival of a Provocateur: Responses to William Dudley Pelley in Asheville, 1930 to 1934,” by Seth Epstein $7.00
“Black Mountain and Brandeis: Two Experiments in Higher Education,” by Stephen J. Whitfield $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: “Resettlement of Holocaust Survivors in Alabama,” by Dan J. Puckett $7.00
PRIMARY SOURCES: “Melvin Wali Ali Feiler Meyer: A Student’s Struggle with Insider-Outsider Status in Civil Rights-Era Alabama,” by Dina Weinstein $7.00
2012 - Volume 15
"Zionism on the West Texas Plains," by Stuart Rockoff $7.00
"Between the Borscht Belt and the Bible Belt: Crafting Southern Jewishness Through Chutzpah and Humor," by Jarrod Tanny $7.00
"Congressman Lyndon B. Johnson, Operation Texas, and Jewish Immigration," by Claudia Wilson Anderson $7.00
"Samuel and Saul Isaac: International Jewish Arms Dealers, Blockade Runners, and Civil War Profiteers" by Adam Mendelsohn $7.00
"Teaching Southern Jewish History: A Dialogue," by Scott Langston and Bryan Stone $7.00
2011 - Volume 14
"The Bible and Bombings: Southern Rabbis Respond during the Civil Rights Movement," by Scott M. Langston $7.00
"A Southern Senator and Israel: Senator J. William Fulbright's Accusations of Undue Influence over American Foreign Policy," by Arlene Lazarowitz $7.00
"Paula Ackerman: Pioneer in the Pulpit" by Ellen M. Umansky $7.00
"A Tale of Two Cities: Race, Riots, and Religion in New Bern and Wilmington, North Carolina, 1898," by Leonard Rogoff $7.00
"Contextualizing the Franco-Jewish Experience in the South," by Lee Shai Weissbach $7.00
2009 - Volume 12
BOUND REPRINT: "Commerce and Community: A Business History of Jacksonville Jewry” by Stephen J. Whitfield $10.00